About us 

DzineWellness is the exclusive US distributor for Effegibi and Milldue
Effegibi is a Company founded in Cesena. They presents a wide range of saunas in different sizes and an array of stunning designs that still preserve the very best of Scandinavian tradition.
Milldue has been active since 1976 in the high-end bathroom furniture industry, an innate vocation that joins research, design, product and process innovation to its continuous commitment to new technical and stylistic solutions.


In our factories, in Italy, we engineering and manufacture saunas, steam generator and prefabricated steam room, multi sensory showers, salt cabin, and much more.


Effegibi and Milldue are the perfect partners for architects, designer and developer because every single product is customizable in size, design, materials, technologies and effects.


Products are entirely Italian-made and are manufactured in house, for their production, our partners use wood panels certified by the highest European standards for safety and non toxicity.